Update on submissions

Dear Author,                                                                                                       Dec 11, 2011

Thank you for submitting to the Anthology of Trans and Genderqueer Poetry! We have been absolutely overwhelmed and awed at the sheer number of submissions, the quality of the work, and the generosity of the response to this call!

We have cried more than once upon opening up an email that shares how important an anthology like this is, how grateful the author is to know that it will exist, whether their work makes it in or not. We want you to know how grateful we are for you taking an interest in this project, and sending us your work for consideration. Thank you for your encouragement, for your faith in this book and in us as editors.

So what happens next? Over the next 2 months, we will be printing the poems submitted by you and over 200 other authors. We will be reading them out loud on a purple couch to a 14 year old dog and the echoes will reverberate between Tucson and Brooklyn. We’ll be arguing over them and with them. Taking them to coffee. Taking them to bed.  

We are so grateful to have this time with your words!

TC and Trace